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10 Nutrients for a Healthy Pregnancy

Folic Acid

Supplementing with 400-800 mcg of folic acid significantly reduces the incidence of neural tube defects.


During pregnancy and lactation, there is an increased need for iodine to produce thyroid hormones during life.


Iron is essential to make hemoglobin and myoglobin to help carry oxygen to the baby.

Omeg-3 fatty acid EPA & DHA

EPA supports the heart and immune system and DHA plays an important role in the development of brain, eyes, and central nervous system. Recommended dose is 500 mg/day of EPA & DHA combined with 200 mg coming from DHA.

Lean Protein

While a baby is developing, your need for protein goes up. Soy, eggwhites, lean meats, and non or low-fat milk.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential for immune function well as reproductive and fetal health.  Experts recommend supplementing with 2500 to 8000 IUs per day.


Vitamin C, E & Selenium can help protect the cells in the reproductive system from oxidative stress both before and during pregnancy.

Calcium, Zinc, & Magnesium help to build the baby's health bones and teeth and help to protect the mother's bone density.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D supports brain development and increase the asorption of calcium.  If the mother has a vitamin D deficiency there will be very low vitamin D in her breast's milk, so vitamin D continues to be important during breast feeding.


Shaklee Vitalizer for Women

Shaklee Vitalizer for Pregnancy

Each Vitalizer Women strip contains these pregnancy supporting nutrients: 400 mcg folic acid,  6,250 IU vitamin A, 500 mg vitamin C, 1,000 IU vitamin D, 500 mg calcium, 150 mcg iodine, 225 mg magnesium, 70 mcg selenium, 15 mg zinc, 280 mg EPA and 180 mg DHA

Shaklee Vita-lea with Iron

Shaklee Vita-lea for Pregnancy


One serving of Vita-lea with iron contains the following pregnancy supporting nutrients:  5,000 IU vitamin A, 120 mg vitamin C, 800 IU vitamin D, 800 mcg Folate, 450 mg calcium, 18 mg iron, 200 mcg iodine, 200 mg magnesium, 70 mcg selenium

Shaklee Iron Plus C Complex

Shaklee Iron for Pregnancy

One tablet of Shaklee Iron plus C Complex contains 18 mg of highly-potent iron and 60 mg of vitamin C to help support a healthy pregnancy.

Shaklee Osteomatrix Calcium Magnesium

Shaklee Osteomatrix for Pregnancy

Each serving of Osteomatrix contains 1,000 mg of calcium, 400 mg of magnesium, 600 IU of vitamin D3 and  1.5 mg of zinc. It is clinically supported to promote the absoption of calcium into your body.

Shaklee Vita-D3

Shaklee Vitamin D for Pregnancy

One Tablet of Shaklee Vita-D3 contains 1,000 IU of vitamin D to help support a healthy pregnancy.

Shaklee OmegaGuard

Shaklee Omega 3 for Pregnancy

One serving of Shaklee OmegaGuard contains 667 mg of Omega 3,  240 mg of DHA, and 363 mg of EPA to help support a healthy pregnancy.

Shaklee Zinc

Shaklee Zinc for Pregnancy

One serving of Shaklee Zinc Complex contains 15 mg of zinc plus 120 mg of calcium to support a healthy pregnancy

Shaklee Vita-E plus Selenium

Shaklee Vitamin E plus Selenium for Pregnancy

Each serving of Shaklee Vita-E contains 400 IU of vitamin E plus 10 mcg of selenium to promote a healthy pregnancy

Shaklee VitalMag

Shaklee VitalMag for Pregnancy

Shaklee Sustained Release VitalMag contains 200 mg of magnesium to help support a healthy pregnancy

Shaklee B-Complex

Shaklee Folic Acid

One serving of Shaklee Vitamin B Complex provides 27 mg of vitamin B6, 400 mcg of folic acid, and 81 mcg of vitamin B12 to assist with a healthy pregnancy